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Sweet Alchemy, Athens boutique

Patisseries and patissiers all over Europe have finally caught up with the chefs being quite long enough overshadowed .
Clearly the economic downfall in Europe is slowly but gradually making us wanting to soften our daily “pains” looking for sweet getaways that will put a smile in our faces.

What is more exciting is that nowadays I am not just going to pop in  Les gateaux et du pan to get a tarte tatin and eat it hastily during my lunch break.
Instead I ll stroll down  Rue du Bac at swanky Saint Germaine and pay a visit at Patisserie des reves  and have a blanc de blanc Bruno Paillard champagne while I am enjoying an epic milefeuille or even better one of their so popular Paris brest.

A big time tea lover myself, I’ll also opt for an éclair au café while enjoying my afternoon tea at the Patisserie des Reves boutique on Rue de Longchamp.

What I am trying to say is that apart from the fact that pastry chefs are finally showing us what they’ve got, like Contincini did with Pattisserie des reves, another thing is that  lifestyle has taken over pastry shops and more importantly, these days we are able to find sweets that are made of premium raw materials that tantalise our palette and at the same time look like works of art.


La patisserie des Reves, Rue du Bac, Paris

When in Florence, maison Laduree does the trick, in Milano, Bianco Latte may not compete so well with its chic Parisian fellow patisseries but the ambience is contemporary plus you get to see all the hot 30 something Milanese crowd.
Try the gelato with a slice of torta della nonna.

In Paris and London, soon to come in Marylebone, the sweetest destination is one: Patisseries des Reves for amazing Paris Brest and at Cyril Lignac’s new boutique at rue de Chaillot for an Equinox, a divine creamy cake with salted caramel butter!
No! it is not as fattening as it sounds and yes one reason for going there is that chef  Lignac is quite hot.


Cyril Lignac

And speaking of cute chefs and patissiers, new upcoming Monsieur Alertas has taken Athens by storm with his sweet creations and his new, quite minimal patisserie at the northern suburbs of the Greek capital.
His tattoos and controversial personality made him quite popular to the Greek public, along with his very ambitious creations.

Alertas at atelier de patisserie

 Sweet alchemy further North in the city of Athens must be aesthetically one of the poshest patisseries I ever visited.
Parliaros,who is the patissier behind the Sweet alchemy boutiques is one of the most celebrated pastry chef in Greece with his own TV show, magazine and newspaper columns and a very low profile, serene personality that made him a household name.

Stay tuned with more “sweet” news to come on pastry shops in Rome, Madrid and London.


Sweet Alchemy, Kifissia, Athens