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By Lena Harizopoulos

What: On the Verandah Restaurant
Where: Poseidon Grand Hotel Spetses
Why Go: For one of the most beautiful Verandas in Greece & the exciting, new menu


On the Verandah, Spetses

Rumor has it that Poseidon Grand hotel, Spetses’ iconic hotel, has finally got the chef it deserves.

One of Greece’s legendary al fresco dining places & its executive chef Stamatis Marmarinos  are now presenting a brand new menu with dishes, straight from the hotels orchard and fresh local produce that end up in the hotel’s Kitchen every day.

An idyllic ambience and a brand new chef that we are hoping to make a difference this year highlighting Greek cuisine, revisiting traditional dishes such as lamb with chickpeas and goats cheese, mussels with artichoke sauce, sea urchins with Greek traditional pasta and many more very creative ideas blending together amazing traditional Greek raw produce in a truly unique way.


On the Verandah, Poseidon Grand Hotel



On the Verandah, Poseidon Grand Hotel Spetses


On the Verandah’