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By Lena Harizopoulos

Where: The Maldives at Cheval Blanc Randheli, on Noonu Atoll, North of Male.
What: Le 1947 Restaurant maldives
Great for: The ones who know & can appreciate real fine dining- a true coveted address to dine.


 I am not going to write much and praise the place, both restaurants in Courchevel and the Maldives are true culinary revelations where you can experience delicate dining and decadent wining.

So in two words:French revisited cuisine  meets secluded Maldivian retreat.
Best bit: The bar where we ve spent a good 2 hours, enjoying -the “ususal suspects” – wines
What I liked:
–The roasted foie gras Creme brulee…yes you read wright
–The scallops
–The baby lamb

It all started like this

1947_ChevalBlanc_LenasBlackBook_Foodtalk (1)

1947_Yannick_Alleno_ChevalBlanc_Maldives_LenasBlackBook_Foodtalk (1)

Foie Gras Creme Brulee, Le 1947, lenasBlackBook, Foodtalk


Le 1947 Bar, lenasBlackBook, FoodTalk

1947_Yannick_Alleno_ChevalBlanc_Maldives_LenasBlackBook_Foodtalk (3)1947_ChevalBlanc_LenasBlackBook_Foodtalk (2)

 The bar and its grand piano

1947_YannickAlleno_LenasBlackBook (5)

..more wine

Le 1947 restaurant LENASBLACKBOOK

& more wine….


Seared scallop, celeriac puree

photo 4

Pyrenean milkfed baby lamb rack and ravioli with sweet bell pepper puree


Le 1947 resraurant Le 1947 restaurant_Lenasblackbook

Le 1947 maldives
Ph: LenasBlackBook