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By Lena Harizopoulos

Where: Downtown Athens, Greece
What: Harvest Wine bar & restaurant
Why: It has got character and gives to – a once dodgy area- a sort of metropolitan air .
Great for: Friday night casual drinks and nibbles

+ : It serves brunch with a twist everyday. (Yes this is hard to find in Greece…….Yeah you read right…. I can’t find a decent poached egg)


Harvest Wine Bar & Restaurant

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Let’s set the record straignt!

I don’t usually write about one restaurant but since I m currently devoting more time to fashion, cause it is that time of the year –
I have sort of neglected my foody friends and decided to share  the more alternative places I go to sometimes…..
Yes we all have a dirty side….and tonight it is Friday and if you are after a laid back place to have tapas and wine, this is it!

It is located at the corner of Aiolou & Evripidou Street in the heart of Athens, we like it because the ambience is warm, the food is decent and has an extensive wine list with a lot of good wines served by the glass.

You may think to your self again that I am stating the obvious, but again, in Athens, only lately they started serving OK wines by the glass.
Here you will enjoy tasty tapas, jazzy music, won’t cost you a lot and they also serve outside

Tip: In case you happen to be there lunch time try the salmon club sandwich or the poached egg with leek and jamon 

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The bar area

HarvestCoffeeWine_LenasBlackBook_Athens_Food.jpg_1.jpg_2 HarvestCoffeeWine_LenasBlackBook_Athens_Food.jpg_1

In case you are brunching:

Harvest_Coffee_Wine_LenasBlackBook (3)

In a hurry fave salmon club sandwich

Harvest_Coffee_Wine_LenasBlackBook (4)

poached eggs on a bed of leeks and jamon

Ph LenasBlackBookHarvest Wine Bar