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Mr Pug.
Located where the modern Asian gastro heart of Athens beats, right behind Constitution Square, Mr Pug is a definite must-visit this Autumn if you are a thai lover and you have a soft spot for Asian fusion cuisine, only this time, you are going to get more than just the typical, sloppy, Asian Fusion you are used to ….when in Athens.
May I say that Mr Pug in Mykonos has been an established institution for years with chef Giorgos Venieris on the lead so this consistency on taste and finely revisited Thai cuisine continues on the Athenian restaurant too.
What u ll order:
Definitely the foie gras bao buns, the thai nigiris, the pork dumplings, the nem rolls.
The Overall feeling you will get out of this dining experience is that the dishes are totally finely tuned. There is a balance on every dish even the heavier ones taste light and leave you with a very pleasant after taste.
The philosophy of the small dishes is perfect for nibbling and allows you to try out most of the dishes on the menu that are all very intriguing to the palate and go very well with the whole Athenian, dining al fresco scene.
The service and ambience are really friendly.
Prices Range: 35-50 Euros
Reservations:210 3311436


Izakaya has opened for the winter season two weeks ago and is set to go for another yet succesful season with head chef Polychronis and the same winning team in the kitchen.
Izakaya Athens is the best Izakaya bar downtown kolonaki, for warm sake Autumn nights along with some signature dishes that always taste good!
What u ll eat: Tuna tartare tacos with guacamole, Hamachi Tiradito with jalapenos and green apple, salmon tataki with spinach and Ikura, beef tataki with shitake mushrooms, black garlic and ponzu, Gyoza Dumplings with duck.

The above are appetizers that I reckon and are always nice, to order with drinks, on a casual night out.
If you are aiming for the whole nine yards, main dishes to go for are:
The grilled rib eye steak and the black cod.
Ideal on Wednesdays.
Prices Range: 35-55
Reservations :
21 0724 4406
5 Leventi St. Kolonaki

 Gaku Sushi 

Two restaurants, one at Chalandri and one downtown Athens, here you will taste nigiris made to perfection.
GAKU serves  sushi of great quality with attention to detail, value for money prices, casual atmosphere and friendly service.
Their Chalandri restaurant is rather small so you might want to head to their Sydagma one where the ambience remains cozy but you ll have a better chance to find a table.
What u ll eat: Definitely the nigiris, any type you like, they stand out for their simplicity yet their wholesome taste. Here I go for the sushi and the sashimis and thats about it.
The variety is extensive so you are much better off keeping it simple.

Prices Range 35-50 Euros
GAKU Chalandri
4 Lykourgou street, Chalandri, Athens 15231, GR
(opposite Cinema Avana) (+30) 210 6754821
GAKU Syntagma
2 Apollonos street, Athens 10557, GR (+30) 210 3230970