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What: Voyage Tasting Menu at CTC Athens Restaurant
Where: CTC restaurant at 27 Diocharous St. Pangrati, Athens, 115 28
Why Go: Because it is one of Athens’s top tables and certainly along the top 3 contemporary Greek restaus in the city
Piece de Resistance: The chef himself .

They ask me pretty often which is my favorite restaurant in Athens….and that is a rather difficult question to answer because people out there judge food and dining based upon their own palate and their own background in dining….

but I personally believe that there are certain chefs and restaurants that can’t go wrong and CTC is one of these cases.

The reason I am and have been very passionate about the restaurant’s chef and owner – AlexTsiotinis – is because of his commitment the past decade into fine quality dining and his mission to stay true to that, showing consistency as a Greek chef and honoring fine, contemporary Greek cuisine like no other Greek chef has, especially in harsh times like the ones all restaurant owners and chefs have gone through the past year.

CTC is an ode to contemporary Fine Greek dining with tasting menus that consist of immaculately made dishes featuring traditional Greek recipes revisited in such a fresh and creative way that could leave any guest asking for more…..

The highlights of the VOYAGE tasting menu of last week were:

….ok I will start with the bread and butter which was iconic and I am not a person who goes crazy about bread and butter unless it is monumental and that was!
We would continue eating it in between dishes.

Then came a fine take on The Athenian salad with grouper and masticha mayo, an amazing corn veloute with lobster and bergamot, a delicious type of risotto alla polita with crayfish, a superb slow-cooked cod, a ramen carbonara and a one of a kind baba with poached pears.