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By Lena Harizopoulos

WHO: Ettore Botrini. Italian-Greek chef- 1 Michelin star
WHAT: New Menu coming up next week at Botrini’s restaurant, Athens.
WHERE: Botrini’s  Restaurant, Chalandri, Athens.

Ettore Botrini- Lenasblackbook-Botrini's

Ettore Botrini- Lenasblackbook- Botrini’s

It was the most enjoyable tasting of my life, we were in tears from laughing, even though I  did try to look serious and he tried to keep it low- at least at the beginning –
We ended up having a blast.

We talked future plans, new menus and what will it take to make Greek Cuisine sexy.

He tried to get on my good side as soon as I arrived, opening up an Excelsius Brunello di Montalcino Banfi 2003 but I was more surprised when he remembered that I prefer sea-food and fish and prepared a super light menu with things I really enjoy eating.

I started off with the usual “map” amuse buche.
For those who have never been at Botrini’s , the “map” is a selection of amuse bouche put on a map starting from Greece over to Europe down to the Middle East- places where Ettore is expanding-places which Botrini’s cooking has been influenced by.

My swordfish carpaccio was divine. Light, balanced but still multi-flavored as I call dishes that their ingredients kick my palette from every direction.
I continued with a divine piece of marble where a shrimp was placed wrapped in lard and topped with hazelnuts.
The octopus carpaccio was very good too.


BotrinisRestaurant_Lenasblackbook (6) (Small)

Swordfish carpaccio Ettore Botrini- Lenasblackbook-Botrini’s

BotrinisRestaurant_Lenasblackbook (5) (Small)


After the antipasti , Ettore went in the kitchen and I watched him make BIANCO E NERO.
A new risotto that will be added on the menu next week and it was literally an apocalypse.
All black on top, dusted with cuttlefish ink powder, crayfish perfume, lime and topped with sea urchins.
A definite must-try on the new menu.

BotrinisRestaurant_Lenasblackbook (7) (Small)

Bianco e Nero-Botrini’s LenasBlackBook

I had a couple of bites of the organic veal cheek with  potato cream and praline. Aromas of Marsala, port and a bunch of spices put together so geniously that you end up with the perfect winter dish beautifully paired with the Brunello we were having.

BotrinisRestaurant_Lenasblackbook (8) (Small)

Organic Veal cheeks-Botrini’s Lenasblackbook

The meal ended with 2 desserts, the very popular tzatziki dessert and a very appetizing pear.

All in all, Ettore never seizes to amaze me.
Imaginative, continuously evolving dishes, great service in his restaurants, unique ambience and a good list of wines.

An 8/10

Botrini_LenasblackBook_2015 (2)

The map

Botrini_LenasblackBook_2015 (1)

Shrimp in lard and hazelnut. Botrini’s

Botrini_LenasblackBook_2015 (5)

Bianco e Nero

BotrinisRestaurant_Lenasblackbook (11) (Small)

Glazed pear- Botrini’s LenasBlackBook

BotrinisRestaurant_Lenasblackbook (10) (Small)

The tzatziki dessert -Botrini’s Lenasblackbook

BotrinisRestaurant_Lenasblackbook (9) (Small)

Botrini_LenasblackBook_2015 (3)

Botrini_LenasblackBook_2015 (4)

Stay tuned for Ettore’s plans to come soon …
Ph LenasBlackBook