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By Lena Harizopoulos

I am the “breakfast in bed” type  but when in a mood for exploration, I put on my comfy shoes and hit the road.
In the case of Santorini, if you are visiting the island in August or early September, make sure you wake up early for a walk or breakfast, otherwise the sun and high temperatures will literally spoil your walk.


Best Breakfast in Santorini

Top places  to savour the Caldera view, a nice omelette or a bagel and take amazing photos are:

1. Irini Cafe Imerovigli

Impeccable views, in a family run place that has kept its local character and it’s a definite must-go when visiting the island.
Have a Greek coffee here & an omelette with feta cheese. It will not feel like haute cuisine but you will get a true taste of Greece.
Top place for a glass of wine in the evening with the Caldera on your feet


Irini’s Cafe Santorini – Best breakfasts in Santorini

2. Porto Carra Thira
Here you ll have the perfect bagel (for European standards) and a smoothie or fresh juice the way you like it after you hand pick fresh fruit or veggies from the bar.


Porto Carra Santorini- best breakfasts in Santorini

3.Lolita Oia

I very often have frozen yoghurt or even better gelato for breakfast especially during summer in Italy or Greece.
Lolita gelato in Oia is as good as gelato can get in Santorini.
Try the cookie flavour with a cup of coffee! Divine


Lolita Gelato Oia Santorini- Best breakfasts in Santorini

4. Panagia Episkopi at Episkopi Gonia

Santorini has got 400 churches and they are beautiful.
In the northern part of the island, I fell in love with that church which is considered the most important Byzantine monument on the island.
Its exteriors, the view and the serenity feel about it makes it unique
Go there early in the morning and enjoy a coffee at its picturesque little tables then attend the mass. On the way back follow the path towards the Estate Argyros winery and admire the narrow cobblestone roads and the old houses with their yards full of flowers.


Panagia Episkopi Church

Panagia Episkopi church

Panagia Episkopi church

Best Breakfasts in Santorini
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