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Athens Restaurants Winter 2016 – 17
Written By Lena Harizopoulos

1 month of tastings, 15 restaurants after, and for the first time in history no weight gained and Voila:
These are the hottest Athens Restaurants at the moment, places that have each and every one, a thing to write home about.

New Athens Restaurants plus existing restaurants with updated menus that are worth the mention.
All of the below restaurants have good service and great ambience as a common denominator, they are ideal for cozy wintery nights savoring fine dishes and good wine.

The first three are lifestyle restaurants with some great choices on their new menus, the last two Athens restaurants – CTC and Aleria – bare no resemblance with each other BUT are pit stops, a foodie visiting the city needs to make.


Athens Restaurants Winter 2016 _ Koursaros Kolonaki Fish Restaurant

  1. Koursaros Kolonaki Seafood restaurant
    A new entry in the city-center of Athens – Koursaros fish tavern has a 20 years history at Athens’s northern suburbs and a sister resto in Mykonos town.The new Koursaros seafood restaurant in Kolonaki brings a breath of fresh air in metropolitan dining, introducing “interior wise” a very contemporary yet warm looking lifestyle restaurant like the ones you come across in London and Paris.

    Think tall ceilings, black and white marble floors, candle lit round tables and “guilty -looking” dining booths.
    There is also a bar and a sushi spot next to it where you’ll be seeing talented sushi – chef Take doing his magic.Food wise, one thing for certain is, that its fish and seafood feels fresh and yummy.The sushi menu is more than good if you keep your choices simple, chef Take is known for his spicy crab tartar and overloaded rolls that are very popular with the Greeks, if you are a fan though of simple sushi dishes go for a sashimi or a nigiri and you wont be disappointed.

    From the seafood menu go for a fish soup and oysters as a starter and the catch of the day as a main.

    There is a slight confusion in terms of what type of restaurant Koursaros is but since these are just early days after its opening , I would say that Koursaros Kolonaki is the perfect downtown lifestyle restaurant for dinner this winter.

    I personally would go for the sushi, oysters & champagne or even cocktails and leave the Greek seafood menu for a casual lunch.

    Open Daily
    (12.00 – 01.00) +30 210 3600326
    2.  Nikkei Peruvian Restaurant Bar

    Nikkei is your absolute lifestyle bar -restaurant in the very heart of the city with a very happening bar and great cocktails.

    The restaurant has had its ups and downs – menu wise – since its very opening nearly 2 years ago but for the past two months, the winter dishes of chef Thanos Stasinos are definitely of a different league compared to last winter and for the ones that have never visited the place, it is a must – visit if you are after a
    people-watching spot, post-dinner drinks and small dishes that will blow your palette.

    Go for the: The Tuna sashimi, the squid & shrimp ramen, The tuna tartare
    Open Daily 20.00 – 03.00 / +30210723 9366


    Nikkei Peruvian Bar Resto_Athens_Restaurants

    Nikkei peruvian Resto Bar


    3.  Kastri bistro at Domotel Kastri 5 *Contemporary Hotel

    Moving up north, away from the city-centre and further away from foreign cuisines, Katri bistro situated inside 5 star Domotel kastri hotel could be  your perfect
    “home away from home” stay & eat experience in Athens’ northern suburbs and not only…

    Majestic marble stairs will lead you to the restaurant’s entrance, the ambience is warm and inviting, it has a lounge feeling to it: the corner bar, the cozy olive green velvet couches, the scattered books and dim lighting in the restaurant area while gazing from its tall glass windows at the hotel’ s gardens – makes the perfect setting for a romantic  dinner.

    The menu is contemporary Greek with signature dishes like the crayfish with baby couscous, the poached egg with smoked eel & crispy leek, the red mullet savoro and the lamb trilogy.

    Piece de resistance: La macelleria, a room with a communal big wooden table and meats for Piemonte kept in fridges at the back of the room, the perfect spot for a private dinner with drinks at the very cute little bar – Point Nord – just next to the macelleria.

    Moving from the lobby to the restaurant then to the macelleria and finally the bar, you will be reminded of the Milano Bulgari Hotel, in a more suburban Greek version.

    Open All day +30 210 350 7100

    4. CTC Urban Gastronomy

    CTC Urban Gastronomy

    CTC Urban Gastronomy

    Back in the centre of Athens, ctc is a small urban gastronomic oasis in the city.

    A small place behind the Hilton Hotel led by the most quickly and impressively evolving young chef, Alex Tsiotinis, here you will be experiencing maybe the finest contemporary Mediterranean dining in the city.
    The food and the service are absolutely divine, there is a tasting menu and an alla carte one. All dishes are close to perfection with a wine list that could have been a touch better to go hand in hand with the food.

    I am a great fan of all its seafood dishes like the Greek trachana pasta with smoked mussels and sea urchins, the scallops , the catch of the day, the calamari risotto.
    Go for: The 9 course tasting menu

    Open: Tuesday – Saturday 19.00 – 24.00 +30 210 7228812


    CTC Urban Gastronomy

    5. Aleria Restaurant



Aleria Restaurant

10 years of continuous evolution, Aleria restaurant has been and still is a point of reference in the Athenian food scene.

Situated in  the heart of “gastro-Athens” at the Metaxourgeio area downtown Athens inside a neoclassical house with large and spacious dining rooms and a beautiful patio for al fresco dining, here you should definitely dine if you are visiting Athens for the first time OR if you are taking a girl out for the first time.

Chef Gikas Xenakis continues to successfully reinterpret Greek classics like the mixed green pie, the pastitsio, the roasted lamb and the suckling pig.
Up to last year I would always say that this menu was too Greek for me and might come as a slight disappointment for somebody who is a vegan or a pesceterian, this winter though and hopefully in menus coming we savored fine seafood dishes like the crayfish appetizer and the couscous bourdeto, a typical seafood Corfu dish, beautifully executed plus we experienced fine desserts like the red fruit soup that do not feature on the exuberant and full-flavored desert menu but hopefully will be added.

Open Tuesday Saturday 20.00 – 00.00 +3021 0522 2633

Athens Restaurants Winter 16-17
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