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Athens Restaurants – new entries – Vol 1


Zonars Athens Restaurans

As the festive season is coming to an end, the sad truth is, the Greeks are about to think twice on what & where they spend their money the next coming months.

Dining of course is one of the few luxuries still going strong even when living in recessionary Greece with plethora of new restaurants in the horizon.

This hyperactivity from the side of restaurateurs – entrepreneurs to expand opening up new restaurants, is, in many ways a good thing.
The same goes for the public: the more there is out there to savor, the more eager we become to escape our food comfort zone and open up to new culinary experiences.


For the Greeks the past years, it has been a hell of a culinary journey – Yes the Greek has finally started to appreciate good fine cuisine, Yes the Greek has started to realize what does it mean good quality raw produce and Yes the relationship between restaurateur and customer has become more decent and straight-forward.
In other words, the Greek has begun to comprehend  what exactly is a “value for money meal”….Still though both ends are not there yet.
Greek Restaurants need to be consistent in service and quality and our end needs to be able to appreciate and value each restaurant for what it is.

My verdict & thoughts on some of the recent restaurant openings in Athens :



  • Tier et Tout Restaurant & Bar – Neo Psichico – Athens

An all-time favorite place in the past as I have grown in the neighborhood and the staff has always been polite and professional.
After its recent re-opening and change of ID, it has definitely gone up a level in all aspects.
Great Interiors, nice long bar, warm ambience, good service but the food is still an issue..
The menu is the only thing in Tier that has not got a distict identity. Everything else is distinct in there – from the beautiful round tables to the amazing top floor, but that menu has still not got the character it deserves to have.


Tier et Tout - Athens Restaurants

Tier et Tout – Athens Restaurants

  • Zonars Restaurant & Bar- Voukourestiou & Panepistimiou – Athens

The revival of Old Athens. A concept we were longing for, for many years, an institution that had to resurrect from its ashes…
A great job has been done here: A fantastic people-watching lounge area, an impressive bar, a metropolitan eat & meet spot.
Grey areas: The food & the service.
There is a lot I can write for the dishes I have tasted but I ll remain silent since it is too early to judge.
My tip: Go for the Greek cuisine dishes leaving the sushi and rest… for some other time, after all, Zonars is the revival of Old Athens, who needs a plate of crab noodles which is made of surimi….


  • Nikkei Restaurant Bar -Kolonaki – Athens
    Nikkei has been the talk of the town since it has opened.
    The best thing about it is its bar, the cocktails and its crowd.
    The peruvian- jap fusion small  dishes are actually more than ok – taste, presentation and value for money wise –  and although Nikkei is not a place where you will go to have the dinner of your life, it is certainly far more than a lifestyle restaurant.

Nikkei – Athens Restaurants

  • Pop up bar & restaurant Palmitas
    A pop up  Mexican fast-food restaurant, bar, & kind of concept – space.
    A fun place to party, a great mix of crowd, nice music, cool vibes, laid back atmosphere.
    Again the food may be cheap but is not near any true Mexican fast-food.
    It is more like “my Greek grandma made me some homey Greek-Mexican rice with samples of chili con carne” sort of thing.
    From the guacamole to the churros, the food is poor.



Palmitas Pop up Bar


  • Kitty Cat concert venue, restaurant & club – Stadiou St.- Athens
    Kitty Cat is a top spot that everyone visiting Athens should see. Has got a unique feel to it of an underground metropolitan dance club with great booths where you can enjoy early drinks and burgers, then hit the bar to socialize and after midnight start dancing with a whole different kind of crowd around you.
    The service is good, the burgers are ok, could definitely become more substantial. The same goes for the starters and salads.



Kitty Cat Athens Restaurants



A cheese and yoghurt local creamery that has been there for three generations has recently opened in the heart of Kolonaki – a great deli to shop Greek dairy produce and enjoy tasty small Greek dishes signed by one of the countries top chefs, Chrysanthos Karamolegos.
A top all-day destination for  scrumptious sandwiches and local fine wine.



Kostarelos deli- Athebs Restaurants

By Lena Harizopoulos
Athens’ Restaurants – New Entries –