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Izakaya Athens – Restaurant Bar
Written by Lena Harizopoulos

What: Izakaya Japanese Gastro-pub
Where: 5 Levedi St. Kolonaki Athens Greece
Ideal For: Early evening drinks & nibbles especially on weekdays






The new kid in town- Izakaya –  has taken the Kolonaki area by storm and it has only been 2 weeks since its very opening.
Is it worth the buzz?

To my surprise, it looks that it is.

When a food trend arises in the Greek capital, it feels like everyone is rushing to adopt it…..
Throughout the years we have seen phenomena like tons of frozen yogurt shops spreading in no time across the city or chic- souvlaki places and low-cost sushi bars  in every corner of each neighborhood, let alone the craze with the cupcakes – that from one day to another  – the Athenians went from having cheese pies for breakfast to cupcake aficionados…..

What I want to say is that we all feel very positive when a city is evolving food-wise and Athens is –  but we are desperately seeking for consistency as well.

Having made that long parenthesis – Izakaya’s opening seemed like another trendy addition to the Asian fusion craze in Athens lately, we hope that it is  here to stay and look forward to making it a must-visit this season.

5 reasons to like Izakaya Athens:
–Its top location right next to Kolonaki Square
–The cozy ambience and great mix of crowd of all ages
–Izakaya stays true to its name – which in Japanese means gastropub – serving more than edible fusion japanese small dishes
–It is value for money – you will be paying approximately 30 – 45€ per head
–The chef Hronis Damalas and maitre D George Makrigiannis have never let us down service wise and food wise.

PH George Fakaros