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1.Brasserie Lorraine
A modern French Restaurant Bar located in the heart of Kolonaki at Speusipou Street paying tribute to old school French brasserie interiors with warm, low-lit ambience, classic and revisited French cuisine and fantastic cocktails and champagne.

Ruinart blanc de blancs champagne by the glass, posh crowd and one menu for both lunch and dinner.
Simplicity may be proven magical when a restaurant decides to stay loyal to its identity.

Lorraine Brasserie_Lenasblackbook

2.Veri Table Bistro by Alain Parodi
Most probably the best French restaurant in town at the moment with celebrated chef Alain Parodi show-casing his signature dishes and a superb selection of red wines.

Perfect for date nights and French-cuisine lovers.
Do try the foie gras dishes, the French cheese selection along with truffles along and great, great bread.

PIECE DE RESISTANCE: The tray of sweets in the end.

Very talented chef Jean Charles Metayer opens all day “briocherie” in Neo Psychico.
At BRIO you will find great coffee, sweet and savory delicacies for a perfect breakfast or lunch and family sizes brioches and cakes to take home.
The Energy drinks are perfect for a midday kick in case you are on the go. The decaf coffee available, is water processed, something that eliminates the chemicals from the whole caffeine extraction procedure and makes it way healthier than any other coffee choice.

The lunch brioche bowls are made a la minute so you have got something warm and fresh and definitely tasty.

DO NOT MISS: The cinnamon roll.


4. Dimitris Economides Pastritect
I have got three words for this exemplary pastry shop: Posh, Posh, Posh.
Interior-wise and taste wise we have got a winner here and most certainly an avant-garde pastry shop that was missing from the Athenian scene.
Go For: The croissants and the chocolate sweets.

5. The Royal Monkey
The Royal Monkey comes as a pleasant surprise on Levidou Street at Kifissia right next to Giacomo Bistro offering a very vibrant dinning and wining option in the heart of Kifissia.

Food wise you will be pleasantly surprised with excellent small dishes and great cocktails, the perfect spot for a casual, fun dinner date or a get together with friends.

Thumbs Up for the chicken bao buns, the curry cod steamed dumplings, the excellent rice, broccoli, mushroom salad & the mini beef burgers.
I am looking forward to try their pad thai and the more french flavors like their steak tartare.

The mixing of Thai, Asian and European is definitely interesting and goes so well with the very international ambience at the bar.

A very fresh, young place that can also attract foodies and cocktail lovers.