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By Natassa Georgopoulos

World Painting Festival 2014-LenasBlackBook

World Painting Festival 2013

As long as we breath there will be always this immense urge for creation and inner expression.
The need to create worlds and visions that we fantasize and make us feel good, happy and definitely only magical.
The way we would like this world to be, more colorful and visually powerful, fueling our everyday lives with positive energy and inspiration.

This kind of inspiration we are hoping to get at this year’s World’s Body Painting Festival in Austria.

The festival is the first of its kind in the world and has become the Center of Body Painting. It draws the best body painting artists from over 45 countries and models, as well as thousands of visitors, from all over the world every year. Artists gather from all over the world for a week to teach, show and give their best to create a one of a kind live art piece.

Artists and audience-members will create and witness a dream-like world, covered head to toe with intricate body paint, props, and costumes. Using the human body as their canvas, these talented artists use high level creativity and serious skill to transform models into works of art.

Take a sneak peek of last years masterpieces and get ready of what it can be waiting for us this year.
Poertschach, Austria
June 29 – july 6th 2014


World Body Painting Festival 2013

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