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By Lena Harizopoulos

…”Why I can’t stand Greek fashion bloggers” read the title of the article and by all means I was tempted to read it, not because I consider myself a fashion blogger, but just because there are times that they get on my nerves too and to be quit frank, I get on my nerves too, the whole blogging thing at times gets on my nerves too, so I sat back, read the article and contemplated.


The article was written by a guy and in a nutshell he stresses the fact that Greek fashion bloggers are all the same, they lack cultivation, have poor command of written English or even Greek, observe fashion as buying new and expensive clothes without looking at its socio-artistic aspect, all they care is consuming, showing off, without even having or developing a personal style of their own……..the article goes on and the writer becomes harsher and harsher and the problem is that he is right.

He is right about more or less everything but the thing is that he fails to  look at the big picture.

The big picture is that fashion in Greece is doomed.

Even before the economic recession the Greek fashion industry suffered to its bones for multiple reasons that I am not going to get into now and currently anything within and around Greek fashion is more or less a joke.

Of course there are talented Greek fashion designers, stylists, enterpreuners with great potential, Greek fashion editors that could do wonders and even Greek fashion bloggers that if they were given the chance to operate in a fashion capital or even in a city that has a decent infrastructure  and values its workforce, things would be different.

When the whole system is rotten and everyone is trying to get services for free and continuously disrespects the expertise of certain people within fashion like consultants, buyers, marketeers, bloggers then what is the point of working within fashion & and how on earth can you excel?

If now you have been doing that all your life or you are good at the fashion, lifestyle, luxury goods etc., you just choose to go with flow, adapt and compromise with what this poor country of yours is giving you.

We can’t deprive or mock  Greek fashion bloggers of expressing themselves and their creativity
We can push them to be great, have the guts to go abroad, close mega-brand deals, write about fashion, get involved into collaborations, get out of their comfort zone and finally aspire to inspire.
We can also remind them to do a reality check every now and then cause the country is suffering and the consumer expenditure on fashion apparel has decreased by 70%, so all these duck faces and bare legs wearing Gianvinto Rossi are irrelevant.

The “Why I cant stand Greek fashion bloggers” article can be read here

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