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WHAT: Τhe new face of  iconic Jules Verne restaurant

WHERE:On the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, 7th arrondissement, Paris

Why Now: A fine marriage between the decorative and culinary arts inside Paris’ emblematic Tour Eiffel.
Aline Asmar d’AmmanArchitect & founder of Culture in Architecture is awarded for the interior design of the iconic restaurant – Jules Verne – bringing this gastronomic venue into a new era alongside Michelin star acclaimed chef
Frédéric Anton.



 quotes by Aline Asmar d’Amman
Architect & Interior Designer

“The Eiffel Tower is a quintessential monument. It embodies the French spirit and is a symbol of femininity, boldness, lightness and irreverence. The three pillars of my work have always been culture, architecture and emotion. The Jules Verne’s new decor will express these three fundamentals.
 The interiors will capture the delicate balance between the raw and the precious, an echo to the creations of star chef Frederic Anton. “

 “I imagine the Jules Verne to become a manifesto of French chic; a state of mind, synonym of a certain classicism, combined with a slight irreverence. The Tower is an embodiment of a balance between industrial aesthetics and high metal workmanship. The graphic and refined culinary aesthetic of chef Frederic Anton, who himself advocates the femininity of his cuisine, is a whimsical inspiration for the holistic décor.”

“My goal is to  make guests participate in a unique cultural conversation between the decorative and culinary arts of the 21st century and this timeless masterpiece, a symbol of the French spirit, the Eiffel Tower.” – 


Le Jules Verne Restaurant  Tour Eiffel