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By Lena Harizopoulos


The best way to kick start your day and boost your vitality is with a glass of freshly made juice.
Drinking pure fruit and raw vegetables not only tastes fantastically but it is good for you too in so many ways.
I can swear by this green smoothie which:
–boosts my energy level,
–gets rid of constipation
–helps me detox in no time that by the time the weekend comes, I am ready to hit the beach.
PS: It also works wonders for your hangover

—1 1/4 cups of chopped Kale
–2 ribs of celery
–1/4 cup of parsley leaves
–1 cup of freshly swueezed orange juice
–1 1/4 cup of mango cubes
3/4 cup of flaxseeds

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Celery and parsley help rinse toxins, while mango and Orange are rich in antioxidants and vitamins A,B & C helping you to cleanse your skin and boost your immune system.
I pair it with a handful of protein, like low fat probiotic yoghurt !
Have a great morning and stay motivated….your beach body is just around the corner!