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Written by Lena Harizopoulos an online sharing & caring platform an online sharing & caring platform

This week at the Be my Guest – interview section – features an initiative I very much admired from the very first moment it began. is an online sharing & caring platform that covers social and medical needs in a very special and revolutionary way without missing its meaningfulness.

One of its founders, George Lagios speaks to Lena about  the uniqueness of the concept and what is it that makes it interesting but mostly appealing even to everyday people with limited resources that really want to help others in one way or another.


lenablackbook an online sharing & caring platform

lenasblackbook an online sharing & caring platform

lenasblackbook an online sharing & caring platform

lenasblackbook an online sharing & caring platform


How would you describe moirazomai in a few simple words?

Moirazomai is happiness, love, truth..

It Is the first online solidarity platform in Greece which brings together people in need and people who wish to share without intermediaries.

 What was it that inspired/driven you to create moirazomai

Everything started when my friend Stathis Douramakos and myself, realized that we want to offer our help to people in need, but we didn’t really know the best way, nor if our contribution would reach its target!

We shared our concern with our close environment and we eventually managed to build a platform that addresses to people like ourselves, who want to help directly someone. And this is how Moirazomai was born.

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George Lagios /



George Lagios /

What makes moirazomai special compared to the rest of non profit charity organisations?

Moirazomai is very special because it is based on a brand new philosophy of giving while promotes solidarity in a direct and transparent way. Now people can engage as much as they want,from sending food online to visting a family providing time,consultation..or just a hug..It is simple in use both for the person in need as for the person who wants to help. All needs are collected and after thorough verification, are published for free on our website Then, everyone can choose also for free the need that can and want to meet.

We try to help these people to win their lives again.

What was the most moving situation you have faced  so far?

Though, every situation is moving since we know who is who and what’s his story, a very moving situation was of a little girl who needed a power-operated wheel chair.

One of our actions is to give the possibility to someone to offer a special gift to someone he loves, by supporting in his honor a family or a person in need. So, that child, was an unaccompanied minor refugee and someone, through, decided to offer that power-operated wheelchair in honor of his girlfriend’s birthday. It was a great gesture that made many people way too happy!

_DSC7606 an online sharing & caring platform

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_moirazomai an online sharing & caring platform

What do people in need usually ask for

I think that they usually ask for food, goods as clothing, baby supplies, houseware, services, health issues support but they also want to talk on the phone with someone or they need a hug and a few nice words.

People most of all need attention and love so we try to be there for them.

What would you say to people out there to make them want to help others

You know, if you are now in a difficult situation it doesn’t mean you will always be, or if you are not now, it doesn’t mean you never will be.

Also the more you share the more you have. The feeling of giving is stronger for the one who gives from the one who receives so start helping, even small gestures are enough. Just be human!

Do you think that helping our community changes our lives? In what way?

It does. Each one of us is the community, so if someone decides to support another person, and then that person helps another person, we will leave in a community of solidarity and love. What is greater than that?

Any future services/plans you are hoping to add to your platform

Our future plans are to upgrade platform tools. Now ,through the geolocator we can see who is in need closer to us. Surprisingly,there are people trying to survive just next door. Another feature will be to be able be notified for the progress of the family helped.Imagine the happiness when you see that your help contributed to a persons life change. Well that’s a feeling hard to describe and we hope everyone to live that experience.Sharing is happiness..
The shoot took place in Hilton Athens
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