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By Lena Harizopoulos

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ELLE Magazine January 2015-kim kardashian-LenasBlackbook


Whether Dior, Armani Prive or Vionnet, the monochrome trend was and always will be the King of chic.

From Kim Kardashian to Victoria Beckham – in my opinion two worlds apart- regarding style, this trend works well for both women, highlighting each one’s style ID.

On ELLE UK’S cover this January we will be welcoming a very sophisticated Kim Kardashian.

This photo-shoot must be the best thing has ever happened to Kim and to our eyes; I must say- always speaking from the readers’ point of view of course…


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ELLE Magazine January 2015-kim kardashian-LenasBlackbook

The truth is that Kim has always been a fan of black and white, from her early days back when we worked together in Milan for E entertainment up to the recent uber-slick photo-shoot for ELLE…See below


Where I’d like to focus though, is on the black and white monochrome trend that I so much love and flatters all women offering them a touch of sophistication.

Whatever your body type is…

Whichever your style

Voluptuous OR Slim…

This trend will always be the King of Chic.

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Back in 2010, the black and white element & high waisted body-concious dressing is there -LENASBLACKBOOK

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Black & White Monochrome Today at Vassilis Zoulia Atelier-LenasBlackBook

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just black or white-then-Chris, Kim, Lena

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Wearing the most famous black and white cocktail dress in Greek Fashion’s  contemporary history made by Haute Couturier Vassilis Zoulias.

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