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IMG_2476A home -away from home -experience is most probably what we all seek when traveling abroad.
A new trend that has been flourishing the past years in hospitality is that, of great hotels offering an environment and services that are sophisticated and of high standards while the customer still feels at ease like being at home as if the staff is invisible.
What I personally desire when i visit a hotel is being catered without sensing the existence of many people catering for me.
Moreover i love the concept of a home-away from home- hotel, where I can maintain the exact same routine I have back home.
Think about it….

When traveling for business or pleasure, there are some things throughout your daily routine that you do not want to go without,like for example a great workout in the morning outdoors or at a gym or a fancy dinner after work at a people-watching place.
The type of hotels that I am talking about are there to ensure that all your needs are anticipated and attended to in a discreet manner, both within and outside the hotel.

But the feel of being at home does not just lie in the amenities and the competency of the staff, it is also about interiors and ambience…..
As soon as I set foot in a hotel’s lobby, i know from the very start whether it is going to be a repeat or not.
It is something in the air, that I can not put in words…like the first time I visited Splendido in Porto Fino or the Milano Bulgari as soon as it had opened.
I felt as if I was at home. I could work, eat, have drinks, sleep do everything in the hotel without feeling I was a guest.

In this series of home-away from home-hotel posts there will be featuring  European hotels that have this certain feel and are in our little black book.
We start off with LIFE GALLERY  inAthens


Life Gallery’s Facade


The gardens

Tucked away in the Northern suburbs of Greece’s capital, this hotel does not look so much like a hotel from the outside but as a big gallery.
Modern architecture, minimalist design, surfaces made of glass enabling you to appreciate the outdoor gardens and pool and a sense of isolation as if you are  in the most civilized capital on earth.


Outside my room in Mary Katrantzou and Sergio Rossi heels


My room



Pkool Restaurant at the Life Gallery Hotel


One of the Pool areas


The hotel’s spa may be rather smal but has great products and well trained beauticians.
There are cooking classes and a beautiful restaurant overlooking its gardens.
The rooms are super comfy and contemporary and you will most definitely feel at home.
Now the downsides:
Although Xenios Zeus, the god of hospitality was Greek, Greek hotels in general are not known for their amazing services.
So when in Rome do as the Romans do…in this case when in Greece do not overstress if your cappuccino is not as frothy as you would like it or if the chocolate on your pillow is not Valrhona etc.
Just relax and enjoy the breeze, the sun and the energy of the place plus you can always be prepared and stick to LenasBlackBook Hotel choices, which are tried and tested.

Photography: P.Limperopoulos
Dress Mary Katrantzou
Shoes Sergio Rossi
Dress in Cover Image Vrettos Vrettakos