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By Natassa Georgopoulos


When you see movement becoming art simultaneously you are witnessing the greatness of human inspiration.

The work of Heather Hansen really moved us with the great amounts of emotion she puts on paper and the amazing shapes that are being produced through a person’s physical movement.
I would rather call it performing art at this point.
Her own body movements along with charcoal and paste are the media she uses to create her large-scale drawings that are so engaging and at the same time unique and empowering.
Her latest project, ‘Emptying Gestures,’ is an experiment in kinetic drawing.
She says:
“I am searching for ways to download my movement directly onto paper, emptying gestures from one form to another and creating something new in the process.”


Emptied Gestures

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Heather Hansen's Emptied Gestures

Heather Hansen’s Emptied Gestures