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By Natassa Georgopoulos

A masterpiece on our walls and our minds every frame of that magnificent movie….
Wes Anderson’s main characteristic in his films is the obsessive and comedic use of rostrum camera insert shots, foregrounding the smallest details of books and his Unique ways of introducing a large cast of characters.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is more than just a movie, it is a full-bodied experience that immerses its viewers in an unfamiliar, exciting world.
The film certainly lives up to its  expectations and we are definitely talking about a typical Wes Anderson film:
eccentric characters full of idiosyncrasies and insecurities, novel-like way of storytelling and a spotless eye for the smallest details.
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This mastery is achieved by pushing the typical Anderson characteristics into bold new territory.
“The Grand Budapest Hotel” does not merely transform the old; it incorporates new elements that may come to define future Anderson movies, and potentially make this film one of his seminal works.

Everything within “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” from the acting, to the set design, to the music, to the almost innate wit found within the screenplay, is a success.
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