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Cool helmet design enters aggressively the Sochi Olympics 2014
By Natassa Georgopoulos



You definitely won’t find me covering the Sochi Olympics 2014 anytime soon since it’s not really my cup of tea, but i cant turn my head away from the amazing designs some helmets host on them this year.
We all know Olympics are for athletes to stand out throughout the games and finally be the winner in the end.
In my eyes design can not be missing from such a tough competition.
Design is more than making something cool, its about statements, positioning and beliefs.
From aggressive skulls to glowing brains these athletes give a different approach to the Olympic games.
We are sure that these fashion forward designs won’t enhance an athlete’s performance but it’s all in the presentation and winning first impressions.
We hope to be seeing a lot more crazy helmet design from now on at the Olympic games.
Here is LenasBlackBook  top 5 list of Best Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Helmets Designs.
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