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Spotted by one of Beyonce’s stylists in Moscow’s fashion week a couple of years ago, Vrettos Vrettakos is certainly among Europe’s new talent when it comes to fashion design.                                                      

Lenasblackbook is excited to present his latest capsule collection that consists of 30 special made to order looks, divided into 15 haute couture pieces and 15 ready to wear deluxe ones.

In his early stages he was known for his crystal body-concious techniques that he used on his famous jumpsuits wore by Beyonce and other celebrities.With this collection he introduces a new era where there is still a decisive emphasis on the female silhouette using his usual Swarovski crystal embroidery that made him famous but also a lot of print effects on silk tule, muslin and siffon mixed with treated leather that makes the whole collection diverse and full of contrasts.

On the one hand there are feminine one shoulder short dresses and show-stopping jumpsuits made of broken mirrors, metals and crystals and on the other, black and metallic golden prints with super chic cut outs that ooze an air of dynamism and mystery.

All of the pieces look  and are definitely unique.


LenasBlackBook at Salon de Bricolage for Vrettos Vrettakos


LenasBlackBook at Salon de Bricolage for Vrettos Vrettakos

_DSC3558_readyV2_corrected (Custom)

LenasBlackBook at Salon De Bricolage for Vrettos Vrettakos

_DSC3520_readyV2_small (Custom)

Photos by Alex Karmios