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I always wanted to “educate” the Athenians about Bespoke Athens and to introduce Vassilis  – the mastermind behind it, to the ones who don’t already know of him and his impeccable ability to bring style and fine aesthetics to bespoke tailoring.

The reasons I am doing it now are: initially because I believe that great sense of style and fine aesthetics can survive through the harshest economic war and could also prove to be a vehicle to brighten our sad reality.
Another reason is that Bespoke, the store, is launching a new womenswear capsule collection that I feel is my duty to let
women  know about it with pieces of clothing like blazers and shirts that are a staple to all female wardrobes!

Bespoke Athens Team


But first a few words about the store..

Bespoke Athens is not just a store. It is a tailoring lab and a gallery of style; a place for men ( as of now for women too) who are looking for something exceptional, unique and rare. Think of them as a private gallery of artists for unique and exceptional art lovers.

The store is located in the center of Athens, on 15-17 Anagnostopoulou St. in Kolonaki Square and inside apart from fine, old-school interiors you will find the finest clothes, bespoke suits with personality, made to measure jackets and trousers, the finest made to measure shirts that Bespoke is famous for, for years now, as extra care is being put on the selection of fabrics like fine Egyptian cotton, cashmere, linen, natural blends like cotton/linen, the best fabrics always to meet the client’s needs from a great collection of designs, colors and weaves.

It’s in the detail…

The shirts are stitched with special cotton threads and are finished with rare mother of pearl buttons.
For the collars a dual construction is used, fused or canvased depending upon the request. The softness or the hardness of the collar is also adjusted to your liking.
You can chose from a large collection of collars and cuffs, selections that are  continually updated, adjusted and improved adding new designs every year!

Fit and Construction. In terms of fitting and cut they are offering two services:
Made-to-Measure (M2M) and Bespoke.

Vassilis Bourtsalas says:

“There are no constraints and limitations. We love to break the rules! After we deliver one garment, we have already begun the process to make the next one even better. Various styles are available from our talented tailors and — with our added spirit – theybecome Bespoke Athens works of art.
The ultimate goal is for each and every garment to have character and personality customized to each and every client!”



Some of their suppliers & tailors
Valentino Ricci, Jean Grimbert, Firas Chamsi-Pasha, Mike Cohen, Rolando Scapellato.

For Enquiries for men’s suits and shirts as well as the  upcoming womens’ capsule collection:

Contact / Visit
Store Address
Anagnostopoulou 15-17, Kolonaki,
Athens 106 73
Tel: +3 (0) 210-3645518
Fax: +3 (0) 210-3641624