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Beauty Tips & Treatments to prep you up for your next Escape
By Lena Harizopoulos & Dr Nikos Mantas

lena harizopoulos beauty tips Nikos Mantas

Easter and summer of  course are just around the corner and a bit of prepping up never hurt anyone.

In collaboration with Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Mantas – my personal skin guru for the past 10 months – we have decided to bring you the latest in cosmetic dermatology in order to get a face and body that oozes confidence and health.

For the ones that know me, I am not the “plastic”, super – enhanced kind of woman, I am always after a healthy glow, beauty that comes from healthy living and happy hormones, graceful aging and treatments that are not super invasive that you could do during your lunch break.

The ancient Greeks used to say “everything in moderation” and this is both Dr Mantas’ & my motto too.

As of today and up until summer, we will be featuring all the face and body treatments we both believe will bring out the best in you, any age you are!

So 1st things 1st, the key to a healthy – looking face is initially a deep cleansing treatment just before summer in order to get rid of all the dead skin of grey winter, prep your face for any other treatments that will follow and allow it to breath.

This particular deep cleansing comes in a full session of 80 minutes aiming at a complete balancing of the skin via a total and in depth deep pore cleansing procedure, moisturizing, smoothing of fine lines and even improving texture and acne symptoms.

There is a shorter path to deep cleansing heaven – the 50 minute deep cleansing facial – but I personally always go for the “whole 9 yards” twice a year especially at the beginning of spring just before the sun gets too intense and I am unable to go for any other treatments.

#BeautyTip: every 7 days the past month I go for very light glycolic peels that only take 5 minutes and give my skin an instant glow.
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lena harizopoulos beauty tips Nikos Mantas

lena harizopoulos beauty tips Nikos Mantas

lena harizopoulos beauty tips Nikos Mantas (12)


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