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By Lena Harizopoulos


Less is more, Work essentials

And yes finally I made it back to the city after 2 hectic months of traveling around the Med, reviewing hotels, spas and restaurants….
and No, it is not as exciting as it sounds when you get to change beds every other night, hurry for the next facial without even a sip of some detox tea in the relaxation area, drink dodgy coffee in the morning in some so called 5 star, hip hotel and at the same time having to edit tons of columns, meet people, discover as many new things as possible AND look good and rested.

You can imagine my thrill, kicking start the week in my new offices back in the city with all my work essentials in place.
As I tend to say, true luxury lies in the necessity, the simple yet so profound things that make our daily lives special.
The sweet feeling i get after a 7 hour sleep in my Duxiana mattress, the feel of my linen sheets, the smell of my Nespresso Finezzo Lungo, my crisp Armani work dresses , the endless, uninterrupted WI FI and of course the love and support of friends and family when you are at home.

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Luxury lies in the necessity

My work essentials every morning are:

1) My new found love Nespresso Inissia Coffee machine for its lightness and less is more design.
A Volluto is what gets me started before my morning jog and then straight after I have a Finezzo Lungo to take me through the day.

2) My Moleskin agenda-calendar, without it I am lost! Everything needs to be planned and in hard copy, technology unfortunately has failed us so many times.

3) My Christian Dior pen is my trademark,I love writing down notes on my little black book instead of using the I-phone note pad, it is so retro-chic.

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4) A mini I pad to check out competition and reply on emails

5) The latest Relais&Chateaux Guide, is my super hero for all my work related trips.

6) Finally, my latest discovery is the exofab hands free smart phone guard, which is a total revelation.
It sticks on glass and mirror and with a certain app you can take as many selfies or even groupies as you like!
No hands needed!

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Emporio Armani
Massimo Dutti Sandals
Balenciaga sunglasses
Ph I.Georgouleas