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The Hot List: Mykonos 2017 – PART I
Written by Lena Harizopoulos

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Summer 2017 in Mykonos and your options are countless, yes it is true, the island is on its peak after so many years and decades of ups and downs the ultimate chamaleon of an island has transformed once again to rise to the expectations of the jet set.

The past years I kind of drag myself to the island, sort of mechanically just to say I did my job well, I’ve tried and tasted all, one more season gone, I still have everything under control, I still can write an entire little black book on Mykonos…

But there is a slight discomfort inside of me, the place that once felt like home, to my heart now feels a bit aggressive, commercial, superficial. Is it just Mykonos going with the flow or is it just me aging and in the end what do travellers want from Mykonos?

This summer the bet with my self was to really find out and “feel” whether Mykonos still maintains its unique identity  because sushi and champagne on the beach can be savored in so many places in the world but alas if for the sake of that, the one-time uniquely invigorating energy of the island wears out.

So the journey begun on a beach and to tell you the truth, when in Mykonos, the journey should always begin and end on a beach because what I realized after so many years is no matter what, this island will always possess the most enchanting small beaches of the Mediterranean.

If you haven’t had the first dip of the day at Super Paradise, Psarou or Paraga beach at 10.00 in the morning then you haven’t seen the real Mykonos.
Then of course there is Agios swstis beach, Agrari, Fokos but these spots deserve a whole new chapter ….


So I found my self in Paranga beach, the beach I spent my entire teens and university years the only difference now was that I chose to worship its beauty from a distance, a bit away from the crowds in a more secluded private spot the San Giorgio Hotel.

The hotel has been there a life time – last year it underwent a total face-lift and now sits beautifully on top of Paranga beach overlooking the Aegian perfect for people who love to feel in the middle of action but experience it from a distance in the comfort of a private beach.

Imagine comfy sunbeds filled with earthy tone linen cushions on large open air verandas connecting to the endless blue of the sea, a palm garden with hammocks plus a great menu with nibbles from fried calamari, great pasta dishes, mini burgers that with a tiny effort from the chef could reach perfection.

In case you need action after relaxing and meditating at San Giorgio you can pop to Scorpios towards the sunset for some partying.



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Next on the list for an early swim, a great massage on the beach followed by a prosecco at your chaise long and the best lunch view is Jackie O at Super Paradise beach.

Arrive early to take in all the amazing energy and take advantage of the empty beach,the Jackie O people will welcome you with a glass of prosecco and accomodate you to the super-comfy sunbeds.
Book a table for lunch on the restaurant where the menu and the view are equally superb.


If you are after private sandy beaches with great food and quiet ambience the best spot this year is by far the Santa Marina hotel beach with Buddha bar serving some great nibbles on the beach.

For the absolute Sushi and cocktails dinner Buddha Bar is again your go to place at Ornos Bay.

Second on my list for great Asian fusion dinning with great view and nice interiors is Kiku restaurant inside the Cavo Tagoo where this year we tasted the best foie gras along with some great seafood dishes like the sweet prawn and avocado tartare and the grilled shrimps and scallops.

New all-day entry at Agia Anna beach the SantAnna beach bar and restaurant –  a very ambitious opening taking over a huge part of the beach with a massive infinity pool connecting to the beach and a quet interesting Greek revisited menu.

Go for the baby simi fried prawns, the specially prepared french fries, or just stick to the oyster bar along with some great Greek wine labels.



Jackie O Super Paradise



Santa Marina Hotel Mykonos Lena Harizopoulos

Santa Marina Private Beach Ornos Bay

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Mykonos 2017_lenasblackbook

Buddha Bar Mykonos  Santa Marina Hotel

Cavo Tagoo Hotel - KIKU Restaurant - Mykonos

Cavo Tagoo Hotel – KIKU Restaurant – Mykonos

kiku mykonos Lena Harizopoulos

KIKU Mykonos

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Stay tuned for Hot Breakfasting in Mykonos Coming this weekend