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When it comes to True Mediteranean Blue, Greece has it!
It is not just the islands but the country’s mainland beauties have a lot much to offer than anyone can imagine.


LenasBlackBook picks three hotels in three unique but foremost breathtaking locations:
The moment you set your eyes on Santorini,as the boat approaches the port, the intensity of the scenery takes your breath away.
Infinite deep blue, steep rocky cliffs, volcanic, ashy and mysterious ambience, white-washed amphi-theatric houses and of course the most talked about sunset of the Med.

A big plus : The island’s local cuisine.
The equivalent of the Italian cucina povera, in Santorini you are going to drink good local wine and eat simple but yet one of a kind dishes.

We have picked Katikies Hotels that form a stunning collection of some of the most acclaimed luxury boutique hotels on the island.
Featured on the Conde Nast Traveller more than once and the Travel and Leisure Guide.
It is definitely one of the leading resorts on the island known for its ‘less is more” interiors and breathtaking Caldera views.

Five different hotels co exist under the Katikies umbrella where exclusivity and privacy meet luxury and the infinite blue.


Katikies Hotel


Katikies Hotel






Katikies room

Moving now  to the island of St John’s Revelation, Patmos is another unique and very intense indeed destination.
Known for its posh, yet eclectic and low profile crowd, this is an island which you are going to love it or hate it.

We loved it from the very first hello for its intensity and its distant but yet not primitive character.

LenasBlackBook chose Petra Hotel & Suites , member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World.
With just 11 rooms and suites it forms a tiny village with beautiful wooden decks and a swimming pool overlooking Grikos bay.

Perfect for couples or people who are looking to meditate or even relax in a sort of isolated place.
From the 30th April to the 4th May the hotel organizes a four-day Yoga and Pilates workshop.

All courses are overlooking the beautiful  “blue” bay of Grikos .

Final stop, the Peloponnese!
Stay tuned to find out how did our team spend Easter on a spot where the Ionian Sea meets the absolute deep blue of the Aegian.


Patmos island




Petra Villa Patmos


Petra hotel


Petra Hotel