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Santa Anastasia- Christian Orthodox Church -Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Written by Lena Harizopoulos

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Santa Anastasia Siena

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Siena, Santa Anastasia Roma


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Santa Anastasia Romana Siena


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Siena Tuscany Italy


Siena, a jewel city in the hills of Tuscany that every time I visit I transform mentally into a medieval heroine and imagine myself sitting on a beautiful balcony at piazza del campo waiting for prince charming to come and rescue me….
…then I wake up, stroll through its pebbled streets, enjoy a caffe lungo where i dip in cantuccini biscuits – after all I am a Greek in Sienna- and continue exploring

This time around, on a sunny Sunday, I bumped into the beautiful Christian Orthodox Chuirch, Santa Anastasia Romana situated at the heart of Siena at via della Sapienza e delle Terme.

I walked in curious enough to admire its interiors which by the way are captivating and I met the minister priest who was literally, Jesus Christ Super star!
He blessed me with oil, showed me around, brought down the chandeliers and candle holders to see in detail the material they were made of, he explained that since the church is Christian Orthodox, they have a lot of Russian, Romanian, Moldav, Georgian, Bulgarian and Ukraine people attending the mass – the Greeks due to the economic crisis are becoming less.

The service takes place twice on a Sunday, once in the morning at next at 17.00.
Santa Anastasia Romana – a place that is worth a visit when in Siena.

Siena Tuscany Italy SIENA