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By Lena Harizopoulos

dining by the sea

dining by the sea

Hands up whoever thinks that Mykonos has really good restaurants……
Mmmmm yes I thought so, not so many connaisseurs and globetrotters believe that gastronomically wise Mykonos has gone that extra mile.

Let’s see though how are food things at the moment on the island and where to go or not to go for a decent plate of food.

The thing with Greece and Mykonos in particular is that at some point it began losing its couleur locale.
People go to the Greek islands not to eat fancy pancy food but to taste good raw produce, unspoilt traditional recipes, local cuisine, with a twist or not.


Tasos Taverna. Paraga beach. Mykonos restaurants 2015

I totally and utterly had a blast some days ago on an empty Mykonos, enjoying my fish soup at a taverna by the beach.
A few days later again by the beach I had the best traditional stuffed tomatoes ever.
The landscape was unique, the service was perfect and the food was genuinely good.
This is what I personnaly expect from Mykonos.
To be able to dine next to the sea and have great seafood along with a good wine list and good service equivalent to the prices.

I also expect since I am at a cosmopolitan island,  to be able to have some superb sushi or a sophisticated Greek cuisine dinner at a people-watching place in town.

That’s about it. Simple food with a view and fine dining restaurants that serve  fine locale produce.

Do I always get it ? The answer is No.
Well I don’t know, is it because Greeks have a long way to go when it comes to service?
Is it because they still haven’t figured out the fact that lifestyle restaurants should provide twice as good service as simple tavernas?
Too many reasons why.
Bottom line on Mykonos you will experience better service than in most islands, still, they need to try more and take pride in their uniqueness and competitive advantage against other destinations.

Nicolas tavern. Mykonos restaurants 2015

Nicolas tavern. Mykonos restaurants 2015

Here comes the list:

Most restaurants are not open yet on the island until the 1st of May.
On our Mykonos reloaded article you can read all about the new openings this summer.
Up to now here are some tips in case you will be dining at the island during April, May and June.

The Perfect Mykonian lunch:
1) Nicolas, Agia Anna, Paraga.
For the past 30 year this local family is serving the best traditional onion pie plus meats on the grill, traditional Greek dishes and loads of salads daily on display.
You will sit right on the sandy beach, the service is good and very value for money.
Try: The meatballs.

Onion pie at nicolas

Onion pie at Nicolas


Tassos Taverna

2) Tasos taverna, Paraga beach
Great location, tasty seafood risottos, fish soups, salads and more.
Try: the potato salad and the marinated fish


Tasos Taverna. Paraga beach. Mykonos restaurants 2015

lenasblackbook Mykonos

Tasos Taverna


Tasos taverna Paraga beach

3) Nammos, Psarou beach.
The usual suspect, this summer once again stays true to its idyllic identity.
Try: Its crab tartars and the sushi


Mykonos restaurants 2015

Quick bite before drinks:
4) Popolo Chora
We knew it as Piccolo sandwich bar, this year this institution has remained the same but with a different name.
Freshly baked baguettes, traditional pies, Italian wines.
The perfect spot for a yummy sandwich if you are on the run.

Mykonos lenasblackbook

Popolo chora.


Always a good dinner:
A mixture of French and traditional Greek dishes.
the homemade pies, the lamb, the sea food

Katrin Mykonos lenasblackbook

Katrin s Mykonos restaurants 2015

A big disappointment:
6) Koursaros
I saved the worst for last.
A popular fish restaurant at Chora that even though serves good food at times, I would not advise you to go.
The service is bad. Really bad.
It is overpriced
The interiors are very mediocre.

Mykonos restaurants 2015.



Koursaros restaurant. Mykonos restaurants 2015