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By Lena Harizopoulos

WHAT: Poseidonion Grand Hotel. 5*.
WHERE: Island of Spetses, Greece

WHY GO NOW: One of Greece’s hotel jewels that currently celebrates its 100 year anniversary and has recently been renovated. Blends very successfully the old with the new, the old English element with the contemporary Greece .
High ceilings, avant-garde interiors, yet minimal, less is more aesthetics,
supreme location overlooking the port and a very welcoming staff.
GREAT FOR: quick weekend escapes, couples, group of friends, ceremonies, nature lovers.
Overall a top Mid-Season Mediterranean destination.

The downfall:No airport. Although very close to Athens, the ride whether you go by car or boat will definitely be bumpy.

poseidonion_lbb (2) lenasblackbook

Poseidonion Grand Hotel- Pool area-Lenasblackbook


Part of its facade


Leaving the hotel

PoseidonionHotel_LenasBlackBook (1)

English breakfast with a local twist: traditioanal savoury pie

PoseidonionHotel_LenasBlackBook (5)

Sitting area=Poseidonion grand hotel_lenasblackbook

The Poseidonion Grand Hotel undoubtedly belongs among Greece’s top 10 hotels.
It’s recent renovation celebrating its 100th bday marks a new era to this unique hotel and destination.
Avant-garde with airy interiors, less is more aesthetics, great entertaining halls, large verandas overlooking the sea, old school hospitality and the owners – a noble family with a vision.

Rarely do I write such nice words for Greek hotels but the truth is rarely do I come across Greek hoteliers that do not rub me the wrong way .

Best go mid season
The nature looks beautiful in fall and spring.
I never go peak season or during the armata festival.
The hotel is best enjoyed when the island is not crowded.

The grey areas are a few:
The island is expensive for what it offers and by no means it is a value for money destination.
Its proximity to Athens and the Athenian airport is a plus BUT the island has no airport so you will need to drive or take the speed boat which is not fun.

–I loved the Etro amenities
–The bio chocolates and the Kettle crisps in the mini bar
The decent food in the restaurant and amazing verandas of the hotel.


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The hotel recently hosted Greece s 1st weed Run

PoseidonionHotel_LenasBlackBook (3)

View from my window

PoseidonionHotel_LenasBlackBook (2)

Pool area

poseidonionGrandHotel_LENASBLACKBOOK (3)

The entrance

poseidonionGrandHotel_LENASBLACKBOOK (4)

Details in the corridors

poseidonionGrandHotel_LENASBLACKBOOK (5)

Lovely ceilings and floors

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Poseidonion Grand Hotel Review by LenasBlackBook

Poseidonion (5)LenasBlackBookReview

Poseidonion Grand Hotel Review by LenasBlackBook

Poseidonion (4)LenasBlackBookReview

Poseidonion Grand Hotel Review by LenasBlackBook

Poseidonion (3)LenasBlackBookReview

Poseidonion Grand Hotel Review by LenasBlackBook

poseidongrandhotel_lenasblackbook11 (1)

Etro amenities

poseidongrandhotel_lenasblackbook11 (2)

Retro bikes

poseidongrandhotel_lenasblackbook11 (3)

small corners we loved

poseidongrandhotel_lenasblackbook11 (4)

Having gelato inside the hotel

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poseidongrandhotel_lenasblackbook11 (5)

Poseidonion Grand Hotel Review by LenasBlackBook

poseidongrandLenasbLckBookReviews (2)

MR Vordonis & Lena

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The library-Poseidonion Grand Hotel Review by LenasBlackBook

Poseidonion Grand Hotel Review
ph LenasBlackBook