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Divine, Precious, Unique….

Perfume Houses that lead the way, differentiating from the commercial path, treating perfume-making as a true science and a special form of art that speaks to the hearts of the ones that truly know how to “feel” with all their senses.
Volume 3 of LenasBlackBook Perfume Diaries is hosting,Grossmith, England’s oldest perfume house which apart from being very dear to us, is lately having a face-lift .

The launch of the Black Label Collection a couple of years ago sparked a brand new era to the once known as an old school, Royalty related, avant-garde perfume house.
Floral Veil, Amelia, Golden Chypre, Saffron Rose highlight Grossmith‘s modern and innovative facet plus the collection’s stylish black and gold packaging makes it a gem to our boudoirs.

The finest of all though are 3 classic Grossmith fragrances, Hasu-no-Hana  which was originally launched in 1888, Phul-Nana  1891 and Shem-el-Nessim 1906,that have been reproduced using the original formula, achieving a very refined natural outcome.

Roja Dove, the world’s leading fragrance authority  has described the remastered versions of these fragrances as being truly classic English perfumes, comparable to the greats of French perfumery of the time produced by Guerlain and Houbigant.


Grossmith at Profumeria Rosina, Athens


Grossmith classics revisited

IMG_5164 (Custom)

 Rosina Perfumes, Glyfada Athens