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By Lena Harizopoulos

Nespresso_LenasBlackBook_AKTO_Valtadoros (2)

Paris Valtadoros overall adorned with Nespresso’s Volluto and RosA Baia de Colombia


Food and Fashion, two great forms of art, two of my passions and most people’s out there, two things that cross a person’s mind a billion times a day.

Yes in a perfect world I would feed my self, my friends,my  lovers, my followers, my family:
Iranian caviar on a warm freshly toasted and slightly buttered slice of bread FOR breakfast, wear Balmain 24/7, drink a LenasBlackBook customised Linizio Lungo Nespresso with Clooney as he teaches me how to make La Cubania Daquiri with Nespresso and Rum!

….Since this world is perfect but not that perfect, George will continue drinking Nespresso by the side of that new wife of his and myself will be taking over Nespresso’s new va va voom boutique in the heart of Athens in order to add some Lifestyle & Fashion sparkles!

Famous Greek fashion designers, fashion design students, top hairdressers, beauty experts and more have helped me “dress” Nespresso’s event this coming week.

Below get a glimpse of what is to follow during the next days!
Stay tuned for behind the scenes videos, making off photos even great cocktail and cake recipes made of Nespresso.

Nespresso_fashion_event_LenasBlackBook_AKTO (4)

Silver backless dress and Adigoni- AKTO’S Fashion design student- decorating it with Nespresso ristretto

Nespresso_fashion_event_LenasBlackBook_AKTO (1)

Making off Nespresso event’s dresses

Nespresso_fashion_event_LenasBlackBook_AKTO (10)

Amalia, a very talented AKTO fashion design student with some of her Nespresso creations.

Nespresso_LenasBlackBook_AKTO_PV (2)

Anastasia rocked it! We looooved her futuristic Nespresso pads

Nespresso_LenasBlackBook_AKTO_PV (1)

Helen made this fab Nespresso belt!

Nespresso_fashion_event_LenasBlackBook_AKTO (3)

Silver and black

LenasBlackBook_Nespresso_AKTO (5)

Paris Valtadoros jumsuits, SPORTMAX dress

LenasBlackBook_Nespresso_AKTO (2)

Beige Triusers, Tuxedo shirt both by Paris Valtadoros and Anastasia s Nespresso creation

Nespresso_LenasBlackBook_AKTO_Valtadoros (4) Nespresso_LenasBlackBook_AKTO_PV (4)

Ph LenasBlackBook
Wearing Paris Valtadoros