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Tsakiris Mallas SS16

Tsakiris Mallas SS16



LBB: Why have you picked luxury travel to blog about?

From the beginning of Maryhop, my personal Luxury travel & lifestyle blog, I chose to stay true to my travel style, which includes luxury & of course affordable luxury travel. As always, there’s luxury travel and then there’s experiential luxury travel. So what it means to me may differ from what it means to people who follow me online. Personally, I am always interested in experiencing the finer aspects in life and that’s the main reason I picked luxury travel.

LBB: Who is an inspiration to you when it come to blogging?

We all have people that inspire us to do something, and it was the same for me when I first started blogging. There are so many inspirational bloggers, and it can be difficult just to select a few that I want to purely follow. There’s always more than just one source of motivation for creating a website and as the things, people, and places that inspire me in life are constantly changing, I am looking for a new inspiration every single day.

LBB: Which city do you love the most when hotel hoping?


LBB: Which city in Europe is your favorite shopping destination and why? – Which are your fave shops there?

Although Zurich is not on my top list of favorite cities, when it comes to shopping, I love it! I enjoy walking along the famous and expensive street, Bahnhofstrasse, at the heart of Zürich – a city that is so well-known for its high-profile lifestyle at all aspects of everyday life. I love the luxurious entrances of some of the most famous boutiques, like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior or the elegant Cartier boutique, which gives me that WOW feeling every time.

LBB: Which are some of your favorite 5* hotels in the Mediterranean?

I love Barcelona’s Mandarin Oriental and especially the breath taking view from its terrace in the central courtyard, which is planted with mimosa trees and it actually makes me feel like I am in a secret garden. Another one is the elite luxury hotel in Antalya, the Mardan Palace where everything looks like in a fairytale. I also fell in love with Hôtel de Paris in Saint Tropez and enjoyed all of its tip-top luxuries and of course Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos – lots of wow moments in there! And those are only a few of my fave luxury hotels.

LBB: Tell us which was the ultimate luxurious hotel you have ever visited. What did you like the most about it?

By far it’s Shangri-La Hotel in Paris, because it’s keeping a strong sense of royal elegance and it’s actually so great to sit back on your plumped up bed with a glass of Champagne and watch the Tower sparkle at nighttime!

What is your must-pack item when traveling?
My gadgets, starting from iPad, laptop and phone to all wires, cameras, charges and my precious external driver. Call me a digital luxe nomad!

LBB: What in your opinion is the ultimate luxury when traveling?

What makes travel luxurious seems to vary wildly, from one person to another. For me luxury is not only about the marble bath-tub or the breath-taking room views, but about the location, the hosting, the people. The ultimate luxury means one thing: Exclusivity – Having the experience to myself. Feeling pioneering, exploratory, included. But again, one traveler’s luxury is another’s ordinary. For me, most of the time, luxury travel is the opportunity I have to luxuriate in culture, to literally loose myself in the place I am visiting.

LBB: What are your favorite bath amenities in luxury hotels?
I cant’ find it easily but I love Acqua di Parma toiletries. My second favorites are Molton Brown and Oscar de la Renta.

LBB: Is there something in the mini bar that you utterly enjoy?

Usually the wine – all the rest is kind of “do not touch”, especially after midnight.

LBB: Have you got a soft spot for room service? What do u enjoy mostly about it?

Most of the time I am flying all day or I am stuck in crowded airports and by the time I get to my hotel I am tired and hungry. There comes the room service moment. So, I enjoy it when the make everything available to me, when they make me feel comfortable. To me, sometimes the room service is like being coddled by my mother, like someone is taking a good care of me – when needed.
Ph. I Georgouleas
Astir Palace – Arion Luxury Resort & Spa