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Sublime, fine, unique, precious, intoxicating….

No they are not memoirs of my travels neither premium perfumes…they are teas!
Five  scents,five unique aromas come to introduce us Mariage Frere’s SUBLIME Collection

The perfect Christmas gift idea that is about- THÉ DES PARFUMEURS- tea varieties that are associated with the most sophisticated essences of the grand perfumers


Sakura Blue: all new blue tea with a flowery fragrance of silky, gourmet cherry blossom

Sakura Blue: all new blue tea with a flowery fragrance of silky, gourmet cherry blossom


Another very Christmasy Mariage Freres gift idea is the Beautiful Tea for Beautiful People


In the meantime since I am in France right now and I m totally and utterly enjoying the pleasure of Tea taking, I suggest a stroll at the ultimate tea paradise: The Mariages Freres Tea House and museum

Mariage Freres-Paris Tea Musuem

Mariages Freres-Paris Tea Musuem


A blend of fine aromatic teas- Mariages Freres-Paris-LenasBlackBook


Mariages Freres-Paris-Lenasblackbook




Originally located in the Marais, it is the oldest teashop in Paris— dating back to 1854 (in fact, it houses a tea museum).
The romantic shop still has a 19th century feel to it with the original wood plank floors, shelves stacked with large black canisters with the famous golden Mariage Fréres logo imprinted on them, and salesman dressed in stiff pure linen suits. The pungent scent is almost overwhelming and even the staunchest coffee lover may be convert to tea. With over 500 varieties of tea from almost every continent, it’s easy to see why the brand is so beloved.

Breakfast, lunch or tea, Mariages Freres is on our Little black book!

Red Fruit tarte

Red Fruit tarte


Scones and TeamariageFreres_lenasblackbook.jpg_6_jpg


30 rue du Bourg-Tibourg, Paris 4e

Phone. : +33(0)1 42 72 28 11
Open 7 days a week