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Lenotre Paris….


Lenotre Paris, more than a pastry shop

The absolute “sweet” Xmas destination.
A refined deli, a tea house, a sublime pastry shop since 1957.
Ideal for:
–The sweetest of all Christmas gifts
–Perfect for spending time with your loved ones over a cup of tea and sublime gold-covered macarons
–Unique for entertaining guests: It’s savoury delicacies are one of a kind.

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Lenotre Paris Cannes MACARONS

Lenotre Paris, Cannes
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Lenotre Paris, Cannes

A LenasBlackBook destination by all means, for its delicious quality products, the civilised and warm ambience of his Tea rooms and the most colourful of all sweets.

I loved the Lenotre Paris in Cannes that I visited last week, it is definitely one of the top spots in Rue D’Antibes for a lunch break or tea.

Lenotre Paris can be found all over the world, plus their Christmas sweets are sublime to buy for home

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Lenotre Paris Cannes

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Lenotre Paris Cannes

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Christmas sweets-CollectionDe Fetes

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Lenotre Paris

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