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By Lena Harizopoulos

What: Kalita Restaurant Mykonos, Greek Revisited Cuisine.
Where: 31 Kalogera Nik. Chora. Mykonos downtown
Why Go: For a true taste of Contemporary Greek Cuisine & Great service.
Perfect for: couples, dinning before midnight drinks.


Kalita restaurant Mykonos


I have been stressing lately on how important is “tasting Greece” when visiting Greece.

From the country’s  hotels, boutiques, art galleries and restaurants, Greece and especially its islands need to re-position themselves and give to the tourists what they are really after…
And this is pure Greece. Not the mousaka and Greek salad Greece but the contemporary, new version of Greek modern life.

Kalita restaurant Mykonos, has been loved by Greeks since its very opening and up to date manages to evolve each year, offering a very creative local cuisine with great locale produce.

Located in a cozy modern yard in the heart of Mykonos, here you can begin your evening with a cocktail at the restaurant’s bar and follow with great seafood, meat and pasta dishes that are slightly different from the ordinary.


Kalita restaurant Mykonos- Cocktails and dinning

Do not miss: 

  • Handmade gnocchi with San Michael Syros cheese & Greek fresh black truffle
  • The Lamb. A signature dish
  • Black cod with saffron cauliflower cream & “Messologi” roe powder

Needs Improvement:
The wine list.


Hand Made gnocchi with local San Michali cheese from Naxos

Kalita restaurant Lenasblackbook

Lamb, a signature dish

Kalita restaurant Lenasblackbook

Asparagus with saffron and parmesan flakes


Black Cod/ Kalita restaurant Mykonos