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Breakfast area. Photos by Serge Ramelli

November 2014

Paris will never be the same no more!
Walking through its streets, you can feel it in the air that Paris is much more European than it used to be without having lost its unique identity.
A new breed of locals is now making the visitor‘s everyday life much easier than before.
A plethora of hotels have opened the past year starting with well established names such as the Shangri La and the Royal Monceau followed by the Mandarin Oriental and the Peninsula.
 The interesting hospitality bit however, comes with a series of smaller scale boutique hotel arrivals now offering a new, refreshing perspective to the Parisian hotel scene.

 “Lifestyle is the future” as aptly put by Olivier Lapidus while he was seated at the so geniously decorated lobby of his brand new hotel Felicien in the heart of Paris.
Why had I picked Felicien out of all the 4 star brand new hotels?
For many reasons but the foremost because it is so much aligned to my personal sense of aesthetics.

It is above all: SLEEK!
Hotel Felicien Paris

Petitdej-4┬σserge Ramelli (Custom)

Breakfast area. Photos by Serge Ramelli

Bar-3┬σserge Ramelli (Custom)

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Black floor

Felicien_black Floor┬σSerge Ramelli (Custom)

 An amazing mix of Lapidus’ craftsmanship, high technology, great interiors and warm ambience, is in a nutshell, hotel Felicien.
Only a couturier could have approached the designing of a hotel this way.
Lapidus has taken his fashion “know how” and put it all in the making of this hotel achieving meticulous interiors the same way he has done in the past with his state-of- art haute couture designs.
As soon as you enter it you feel vibes of great aesthetics in the air
A few hours later you realize the enormous amount of detail in everything that surrounds you.
From the fiber optic changing colour curtains, the crayon surfaces, the custom made lamps and armchairs in each room, the amazing black leather floors and wardrobes with the monogrammed joining knobs and finally the “oh so sexy bathrooms”!

Each floor has its own theme and colours.
From the Back Floor to the Sky Floor, the visitor is taken gradually towards the “light” as he ascends passing through the Flannel Floor, the Ruby Floor, the Couture Floor the Pearl Floor and finally the luminous Sky floor with its lovely open air deck and Jacuzzi.
This hotel is a gem most fashion-forward people would like but is also suitable for those who seek a touch of warmth in a stylish environment just a stone’s throw from the Eiffel tower, the Trocadéro and the Bois de Boulogne.

Room at the Flannel floor

Room at the Flannel floor

Room at the Couture Floor

Room at the Couture Floor


Sky Floor

Sky Floor


Olivier Lapidus and Lena

FelicienBefore leaving, check out its spa!
We tried out its body scrub and enjoyed the vigour of it.

There is no dining in the hotel, the breakfast buffet however not only is it cute, consisting of good quality fruit, nuts and other delicacies.

Piscine-2┬σserge Ramelli (Custom)

  21, rue Félicien David,75016 Paris, France