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By Lena Harizopoulos


Grecia per me, Grace Mykonos

“Greece is not just recession and closed banks”, is the motto behind La Stampa’s very clever viral initiative.

The Italian newspaper La Stampa invites us to share all the photos of Greece close to our hearts.
With the hashtag #Greciaperme we show  the aspects of the country that we really love.

Three months ago I made the decision to stop travelling abroad and support my country, a country that has never supported me
but I guess that is how it goes when in a passionate relationship, the bravest initiates…..

So here I am on a sunny Saturday morning taking my coffee at a pure Greek Mykonian boutique hotel gazing at the endless blue…
#GreciaPerMe #GreeceThroughMyEyes in my mind and my eyes stands for the simple things that are the hardest to find yet the most beautiful.

Here are somepics from the past 3 days in Greece.


Greece through my eyes

Lenasblackbook_Mykonos (2)

Authentic Mykonian lunch

Grecia per me

Grecia per me


Mykonos Lenasblackbook