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By Lena Harizopoulos
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Simplicity, minimalism, less is more ambience without losing the “warm hospitality” element plus seclusion and anonymity
At the Myconian Villa Collection, an all-villa luxury resort literally hanging over Elia Beach at Mykonos enjoying endless views of the Aegian sea, surrounded by the wild, primitive, green-free Mykonian nature.

The truth is, rarely do I dedicate an entire post on a sole destination, let alone a hotel, unless I see something unique, something that has got the “LenasBlackBook factor”:
Cutting-edge aesthetics + Unpretentious luxury.

The uniqueness of this “true” 5 star resort lies in its design and its out of sight character in  a mainstream destination like Mykonos.

Piece de resistance: The lobby of Grand Villa Elia.
Most probably the most beautiful, spacious and design-forward lobby on the island.


Lobby Area

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Lobby Area

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Lobby Area

Mykonos-Luxury-Villas-LenasBlackBook-Lifestyle (27) Mykonos-Luxury-Villas-LenasBlackBook-Lifestyle (26)

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Lobby Area

My Kind of Villa: The Super Paradise Villa.
A two-level luxury villa with all the works, 24/7 immaculate service, enjoying ultra privacy.


The Super Paradise Villa


Room Interiors

The Myconian Collection
Elia Beach