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By Lena Harizopoulos

zolotas lenasblackbook

Centaurea flower, love charms collection by ZOLOTAS-LenasBlackBook

Christmas is for giving, loving, caring but most of all, showing it!
Diamonds are a girl’s and a boys’ -now that I come to think about it- best friend…and don’t be fooled if you are told otherwise.

I’ve been out, about, here, there and DECIDED!

This year’s festive season, no matter how much cash-trapped we all are, I personally will buy gifts to my loved ones, small ones but with a particular meaning.
Gifts that they will have on them 24/7 and are precious like my love for them.

I have therefore picked  the Centaurea love charms by ZOLOTAS.


zolotas lenasblackbook

ZOLOTAS love charms- Centaurea collection-lenasblackbook


Their design is fine and chic, they are perfect to wear with all outfits and fantastic for layering.
You can wear the gold plated, silver plated, enamel and diamond-centered one, all in one wrist.

They the perfect Christmas gift that means something and does not cost a fortune.

The Centaurea flower is a therapeutic symbol that comes to heal the wounds of the past and blossom in our hearts as a flower of joy and hope for the year 2015.
This limited edition of love charms and jewellery is supporting ELEPAP’S charity, with part of the sales given towards children with developmental disabilities.


Layering Centaurea love charms-Lenasblackbook

Layering Centaurea love charms-Lenasblackbook


The Diamond-centered Centaurea by ZOLOTAS-Lenasblackbook

Viviana Maraveya, Maria Kremer and Lena all wearing Centaurea zolotas

Viviana Maraveya, Maria Kremer and Lena all wearing Centaurea zolotas

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Constellations Collection in case you want to splurge. Lenasblackbook

  • See the whole collection here:
    or more info on the ELEPAP charity, visit www.elepap.grLove Charms, LenasBlackBook, ZOLOTAS
    Ph lenasblackbook
    Wearing: Costume National dress, HERMES birkin, Centaurea earings.