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By Lena Harizopoulos

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Panoramic View from my Window-Cavo Tagoo

Mykonos-Cavo Tagoo-The Presidential Suite-Hotel Review-October Getaways

October! The sweetst month to visit Mykonos when all the bad crowd of August has left the island, the temperature is ideal – not too hot-not too cold and the people around, are as many as they should be and they are all beautiful.

This weekend, the island was festive with weddings and celebrations taking place and for the next 15 days Mykonos will be the perfect October getaway  in the Med with direct flights still on from London and frequent flights from Athens.

I take the opportunity after visiting Cavo Tagoo’s presidential suite recently to include it to my top October getaways , cause if you decide to pack your bags for the Med during October, you’d better do it in style and invest on the room you are staying.

Where: Cavo Tagoo, On the new  marina , Tagoo, Mykonos
Great for: Aesthets, Design lovers, gays, couples, traveler who seeks privacy but at the same time is close to the heart of the island.
+++: Great Pool area, secluded rooms with private pools, Cool Restaurant.
—-:  Gets really windy, many nights you’ll be unable to enjoy the fantastic pool-lounge area ambience plus ” the opposite the port” view isn’t my cup of tea.


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Welcome to Cavo Tagoo’s Presidential Suite

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Living room and dining room in the suite

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Cavo_Tagoo_Mykonos_LenasBlackBook (8)

My spot

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Dining room

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KORRES amenities

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After sex towels…

Cavo_Tagoo_Mykonos_LenasBlackBook (6)

Private pool

Cavo_Tagoo_Mykonos_LenasBlackBook (5)

Private pool

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I love the minimal mykonian feel, the serenity of the room, the service factor is a problematic one as in most Greek Hotels but you have to be slightly flexible on that when visiting Greece.

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