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written by Lena Harizopoulos



















CMEO Collective long wrap dress/Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias shoes
Dtales Concept Store
At Hilton Athens Hotel
Ph Mike tsolis

It’s been a looong time since we had a one to one chat and the truth is I’ve been hiding pretty well behind the trips, the restaurant and hotel reviews, the consultancy projects, the endless effort to reach the professional mountain’s peak without exposing myself, trying desperately to show I am out there and feed the social media monster when in reality if I could conduct all business and personal routine on my own, by myself without meeting or socializing with anybody, I would.

Blogging, reporting, writing means constant engagement with the public and in the case of a reserved Cancerian like myself all this exposure disrupts my inner balance at times and I wish oh I wish  that I could hide in my shell and just do my job. I wish that people would focus on the quality of information and not my face or legs…
I also wish that I was based in organized Monaco rather than Athens and dated a Swiss guy rather than a Greek one but hey here I am and I figured out I ll be doing the best with what I’ve got…

So here is to the new era with more hotel destinations in Athens, more essential collaborations that I truly enjoy, more engagement with my public, more real-time friendships, more eclectic fashion than ever and in search of the perfect Swiss guy…..well ….on a second thought I thinlk I ll settle for any nationality if he knows poetry and all about good wines.

Back on the hoteling part, here I am at the Lycabettus suite, a 180m2 of pure bliss at Hilton Athens definitely one of the most coveted hotel suites in the city with an uninterrupted view to the Lycabettus Hill.

The best part of the suite is the master bedroom with the en suite sauna room and jacuzzi where you can experience the laziest breakfast ever,  having the winter sun sweetly burning on your face while soaking in the round jacuzzi.
The suite is also ideal for afternoon tea or small private functions, I enjoyed marvelous champagne, tea and mignardises with my friends before soaking the sun lying next to the suites tall windows.
The thing I love most about Athens is its weather and the mild winters that go by so quickly and then boom comes the summer and although I ve spent all my life avoiding the city that I was born, here I am today embracing its beauty, appreciating it more than ever before and urging its citizens and  anyone who passes by to take a moment and look up the Athenian sky….so intense, so moving, so alive…….

—-Style Files: The dress-robe is an amazing staple to all girl’s wardrobes. CmeoCollective does a very comfy and contemporary  interpretation f the wrap dress which can be worn on its own with bare legs or with legging, jeans, sorts etc.


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