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BY Lena Harizopoulos

What: Armani Hotel Milan.
Where: In the heart of the city at Via Manzoni, Armani literally occupies the whole square.
Great For: Minimalists, Aesthets, Fashionistas, Less is more Design Lovers
Why now: Because from the 8th-12th  of October you will get to taste food & fashion’s best with the Vendemmia taking place at the city, you ll be a happy bunny wine tasting and shopping fall’s latest.

MILANO 262 LenasBlackBook

Home-Away-From-Home Hotels: Armani Hotel Milano

I have visited and written about Armani since the day it opened its doors but this is a sort of a proper review!
Being a true cancerian, I will never cease to write emotionally when I am reffering to things or people I like, especially when the hotel or restau I review complies with my all-time favourite minimalistic aesthetics.

So there, I said it! Armani hotel Milano is the epitome of “less is more” interiors mixed with high-tech in-room design that besides the fact that it took me ages to figure out how to open the drapes or TV, it really feels cosy and comfortable. The floor- to- ceilings high glass gives an airy and majestic feel yet contemporary without though missing the city’s heritage. It takes just one look outside to see how the old with the new blend in so effortlessly.

A PLUS: The aperitivo at the armani lounge
The piece de resistance:The gym and Spa, enjoying amazing views at the Duomo


Hotel s exteriors-Daylight

MILANO 284 (Custom)Lenasblackbook

View from my room

MILANO 402 (Custom)lernasblackbook



Minimal, eclectic Interiors

MILANO 304 (Custom) LenasBlackBook

Aperitivo at Bamboo bar

MILANO 336 (Custom) LenasBlackBoook

At the gym


Rest Room at the spa


Armani Spa

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