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….a photo that captured my soul, depicting 100% our feelings, living in quarantine, these past days due to the fatal Corona Virus….

TEARS ITALIA, a photo by:
Von Allin, a German minimalist, contemporary “artista”, depicts the depth of our great sorrow towards Italy, in a photograph which is part of her series “TEARS”  manifesting the very essence of a feeling, a thought or a particular social, personal or even political situation.
Tears express our deepest emotions, from sadness to pure happiness.


The minimalist conceptual photographs may seem light and simple at a first glance, but will surprise the viewer once they discover the depth of the topics showcased in each bottle filled with tears.

Sometimes the artist uses her art to awaken us on certain issues that the world is facing, where as in other cases, VON ALLIN aims to show how all of us, no matter our social status,we have the exact same problems, heart aches, disappointments and joys of course.

 Bringing us all closer together is the purpose of Von Allin’s photography in such a “less is more” yet straight to the point fine photography.
Below I have hand-picked the photos of emotional extremes from love to grief.

You Can See the Whole Tears Series, where the artist explores a wide range of subjects here

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