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Some years ago I wrote on the 1st week of January that the “joie de vivre” should go hand in hand with Lifestyle.
Today I will stick to my guns and I will also add to the equation: Gratitude
Yes, mastering the art of living comes down to a state of mind and how ready each and every one of us is to savor the joys of life and feel gratitude for every minute of our magical existence.
Then comes sophistication and savoir vivre….and in the end comes myself to show you the way to the most coveted addresses right now!

So yes, this year around I found myself looking for lifestyle in the most improbable places of all – Thessaloniki – but miracles do happen, cities evolve and Voila! There you have it, the first two places of 2018 have been a revelation and they are both worth a visit.

  1. The Aficionados, Thessaloniki, Greece
    A true lifestyle dining gem was just born inside a historic art-deco building overlooking the sea in Thessaloniki Greece.Think of 3 different thematic floors of fine interior aesthetics including a wine bistro & cigar room, a fine dining room, a cool champagne and cocktail room with a small dj booth and a restaurant on the same level.The restaurant menu is contemporary European with appetizers ranging from mini wagyu beef or lobster burgers, fresh ravioli, meat and fish tartares followed by a main dish selection of pasta & rizotti and a few meat and fish dishes.
    The menu is quite restricted, not a great selection of dishes yet, but all dishes are finely executed, well balanced, smooth and light in contrary with most dining experiences in this particular city.+ Piece de Resistence: Great red wine etiquettes.
  2. LUVIN, Thessaloniki, Greece
    A cool, brand-new nightclub  again located in a historical building downtown Thessaloniki show-casing a one of a kind sexy yet fun ambience with interior references to the 50s and 60s, a great bar acting like a grande centerpiece in the middle of the club looking on a led-striped DJ booth and plenty of dancing space plus “VIP like” booths and tables available upon reservation.
  3.  St George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel – The Presidential Suite –  Athens – Greece
    St. George Lycabettus has been a trademark of a hotel in the heart of Athens below the famous Lycabettus Hill overlooking the Acropolis.The past decade the hotel has seen a lot of ups and downs yet it remains one of the most popular choices due to its location and cozy atmosphere.The recent face-lift on its presidential suite is a definite reason to go and visit, as the suite now definitely stands as the cutest pad to go and the spend the weekend, boasting great views from its spacious verandas and very comfy interiors to even host a mini weekend party.———————————————————-
    Lifestyle Addresses 2018