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Lena’s Black Book is here to enhance creatively your everyday living, showcasing that luxury is all about our necessities,
the very little things like the quality & aroma of our morning coffee, the feel of our linen sheets,
the love we put on a meal or the excitement when discovering a new hotel or designer that is truly worth it
It is
A manifesto of a woman that truly believes that we can be anything we want
wake up anywhere we feel like, become better every single moment….
Only by sharing the flavours, fragrances, experiences, beautiful feelings and pictures with other people.
This Little Black Book is all about lifestyle…
Pure Lifestyle
the unpretentious one, the one that focuses on the necessity and the “joie de vivre”.

Join me on this never ending journey…


LBB is different because it is based mainly on Lena’s & the team’s personal experiences and liaisons with opinion leaders in the Hospitallity, Food, Leisure & Fashion industry.
Our themes are an intersection of all aspects of lifestyle having as a common denominator fine, “less is more” aesthetics.