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By Lena Harizopoulos

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Lena s Tomato sauce with prawns

Tomato Sauce for pasta with a twist

There are many times during the day that i feel like someting between Martha Stewart, Victoria Beckham and Hitler having to juggle between tons of meetings, writting , cooking, travelling, in order to be the super woman I decided to become.

I am ¬†not alone though in all this madness , I know that many ladies out there feel the same and in a way that’s what you really want:
To run 24/7, be creative and have your own special style in anything you do!

Here below is a simple tomato sauce recipe for pasta with my little twist….a couple of tips that make it my own.

Last time I made it with prawns and just tomato paste, but it goes slightly better with meat.


Serves 4
–400g of spaghetti/Linguini
–400g plum tomatoes, skinned and halved
— 70 gram KYKNOS double concentration Tomato paste
–4 cloves garlic-2 of them crushed
–4 tbsp xtra virgin olive oil
–1 glass of Red wine- Iuse chateauneuf du pape
–1 tspoon of brown sugar or stevia or 1 stick of sweetestevia
–sea salt and black pepper

1)Gently fry the garlic and tomatoes in olive oil to soften them about 5 minutes

2) Add the tomato paste, a dash of tabasco and wine and stir well . Leave on medium-low heat for 2 minutes

3) Season with salt, pepper, stevia and leave it to rest.

In case u are making a bolognaise or a prawn sauce, you will gently fry garlic then add meat or prawns and toss wine and then continue with the rest.


I use chateauneuf du pap and then serve the rest of the bottle

I have replaced sugar with SweeteStevia. I toss one or 2  sticks of sweetestevia and it works worders, taking away all the tomato acidity with no calories