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Where to Eat in Paris during fiac!
Written by Lena Harizopoulos

Paris is always a great place to visit with countless stylish eateries to try out throughout the day.
Planning an itinerary may turn out a tough one since you will definitely want to indulge in as many delicious meals as possible.

During this year’s Foire International d’art contemporaine (fiac) we have picked not our usual suspects but some spots that are worth visiting at least once.


eat in paris
Rose Bakery-Rue de Martyrs

An English-themed café run by a Franco-British couple where you will get to savor all the yummy all-time classic cakes….think carrot cakes, sticky toffee pudding & chocolate-chestnut tarts plus my beloved scones for breakfast.
At lunch go for a salad or a daily soup.

Bread & Roses Rue boissy d’anglas.

The perfect spot for a quick al fresco meal.
You will get to see a great cosmopolitan mix of locals and tourists enjoying a quick coffee and desserts or a salad from the buffet.
Ideal area for endless walks and shopping.


Rose Bakery – Where to eat in Paris

Alcazar Rue De Mazarine

Set in a 17th-century real tennis court, and once a notorious transvestite bar and nightclub, the space has been transformed with a twelve metre high glass roof, trendy decor and lighting and a changing series of photographic exhibits. Food is French contemporary. Starters include wild duck terrine and fig chutney, mains include foie gras-stuffed farm chicken with pan sauteed mushrooms, and puddings include liquorice-flavoured raspberry vacherin.

where to eat in Paris lenasblackbook

Alcazar Restaurant

Thiou Boulevard de la Tour Maubourg

Just opposite Les Invalides, in the heart of the 7th district,  chef Thiou just shares her love of refined contemporary Thai food in soft and mellow interiors designed by Laura Gonzalez.

where to eat in Paris lenasblackbook

Thiou Restaurant


A seafood – centric neo bistro serving yummy shellfish and seafood inside nautical styled interiors, here you will co – eat with gourmets diners and you will indulge in wholesome dishes like the volcanic calamari risotto, the celeriac mousseline with sliced chorizo and fresh hazelnuts accompanied the catch of the day along with a great selection of wines by the glass
and Contincini’s desserts.


where to eat in Paris lenasblackbook

Belle Maison

Where to eat in Paris during fiac

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